Founded in 1989,CFMOTO develops, manufactures, markets and delivers the world’s most reliable and cost-effective motorcycles, all terrain vehicles, Side-by-Side utility vehicles, and powersports engines, parts, gears and accessories, which are distributed through more than 2000 companions worldwide. CFMOTO is edging into the advanced ranks in the world in the powersports industry and aims at supplying super products to dealers and fans globally.

CFMOTO’s research and development team consists of more than 200 employees across five countries. Our designers pulled out all the stops in the art of vehicles and engine designing, we own more than 540 registered patents and independent intellectual rights, and the drive for innovation also extends to our parts and accessories. With the resources of advanced research and development facility, CFMOTO is striding forward towards the world-class manufacturer in the powersports industry and aims to be a premium global powersports brand.

Technology and Quality are the heart and soul of our business. The time, the effort, and the expertise invested in the development of our management system allow us to provide outstanding and trustworthy products unparalleled in quality.

“Serving no useful purpose, having no excuse for being” with 30 years of professional experience in the powersports industry, CFMOTO is always devoted to supplying optimum user value for each product, based on this, CFMOTO products benefit more than any other vehicles from an unbelievable wealth of experience from decades in this fiercely competitive industry, and prove to be the ideal partner for enjoying life and exploring the world.

CFMOTO users will be serviced with new levels of enjoyment and excitement, enjoy discoveries and rewarding encounters and have more fun with friends, family and colleagues– Experience More Together!

This is the simplest and most clear adaptation of CFMOTO’s brand promise as a claim. Experience more focuses on how the entire range of CFMOTO vehicles allow their users to enrich their lives and broaden their personal horizons. The use of’together’ emphasizes how the enjoyment is enriched by sharing it with others. In a corporate sense, it shows the ambition and forward-focused approach of CFMOTO –looking ahead with the entire company working as one towards shared goals.


The powerful drive and determination to stand out and be individual. To pursue exceptionally designed, innovative, more reliable and rewarding leisure vehicles. Never letting any challenge defeat us and continually exploring new possibilities – CFMOTO is here to stay.


A commitment to looking ahead and striving for more. Never resting on our laurels, always searching for better, more efficient, innovative and practical ways to create leisure vehicles that are enjoyable but are functional, reliable and captivating like our vehicles – we are always moving forward.


An optimistic and passionate approach to delivering a kick. The CFMOTO brand embodies a passion for a fun driving experience. Striving to bring engineering excellence to the world. Creating thrilling, powerful vehicles for maximum shared user enjoyment – CFMOTO powersports products are fun, exciting and rewarding.